Blog Post 5

Blog Post 5


Michael Morelli



            I recently watched a movie called Phone Booth. The story follows a Hollywood big shot that has connections throughout the city he resides in. He is a very famous man who sins a lot not only because of his fame but because of the lifestyle he lives. He wrongs a lot of people and pays off cops to get information. Eventually his fame and sins catch up to him in the form of a psychopathic killer, who has a dangerous interest in the main character who is named Stew. The Killer listens to Stew conversations through a phone booth that the killer purchased in order to watch people. He figures out all of the things that Stew does wrong and uses them against him in order to make Stew receive the so called vigilant justice that the killer thinks Stew needs to receive. This movie proves that people are obsessed with fame and will do anything for it including stabbing there fellow people in the back. Movies and TV are a good example of how people are entranced by the media and famous people. We put people that are on TV on a pedestal. In every magazine article in every book published. Even from the things we buy, an example would be Apple products, they were created by a man named Steve Jobs, who became famous because of his user friendly Apple Devices, but what apple doesn’t tell you is that they are trying to make money off of old parts. The memory chips and Ram that runs apple computers is at least 5 years out of date compared to other devices, they purposely make them slower and breakable, also there incompatibility with Java as well as Flash video player make them even more pointless.  The only reason we buy these products is because famous people make commercials videos and talk about them. Every Celebrity is photographed holding an IPhone or some piece of technology which is what makes us want that piece of technology. Fame is what keeps the world going round and round, we all strive to be important, even though very few of us see what is truly important in life.

blog post 3

Blog post #3


Wiley had very important ideas on racism and religion which he incorporated with his many different paintings. First Wiley was one of the first painters to incorporate certain religious ideas into his paintings these ideas include the idea of being holy while still wearing street cloths as well as the holy halo he portrays around the many different individuals that he paints. A lot of what is important is that all of the men that he paints are young African American gentlemen. He portrays young African American gentlemen wearing street cloths and looking impressive as well as holy at the same time, and he is the first artist to do this.  Wiley even painted different famous rappers and black men, mimicking other famous paintings by other artists. He is the first to paint African American men with a symbol of power behind them. He copies religious and famous paintings of kings and replaces them with other more recent African American gentlemen. An example would be the picture of the African American Gentlemen on the White horse, as if to portray a power similar to what Napoleon had. Kara Walker is also an important Artist but in a different way. Her artwork is more intense as well as though provoking then Wiley’s. She deals straight with the issue of race in her many different light and dark paintings. Paintings of hers are very hard to interpret at a first glance and a lot of what is in her paintings is lost if you don’t look at them very closely.  At first they look beautiful but they incorporate a lot of racism and other issues. One picture shows a man riding on top of an African American women wiping her and trying to chase a rabbit and shoot it, as if he is riding a horse and hunting at the same time.

Blog post 2

The readymade concept is a recent development in art and the importance of this style of artwork run deep. This style of art forces us to step outside of the usual box that society has pushed us into. With readymade art being originally created by Duchamp, this style of artwork is unlike any we may have seen before. Duchamp’s artwork forces the people to rethink what stereotypical art may look like. Instead of a masterfully designed painting we see a coat hanger put upon the floor and titled trap, or maybe a urinal faced a different way in order to appear like a drinking fountain. Duchamp incorporates a bold radical idea for what art is and what art concept is becoming. The object I chose as my readymade art was simple enough. One night I lit a candle and let it burn down. I tilted the candle upon its side by accident, the red wax created an eye like shape. With this conclusion the candle design can be anything the viewer would like, what I saw was a crying eye, so I titled it A Sad Eye. Now this is not to say the piece of artwork is too simple. Like the tears of a person when the candle has no more wax it simply dries up, that is just one interpretation of this piece of artwork. There are many others that can be drawn, but like Duchamp’s art this piece is up to the viewers.